KDRAMASTARS: Five Best Moments From Everything Concert Selected By Lee Min Ho

Five Best Moments From Everything Concert Selected By Lee Min Ho


Hallyu star and actor Lee Min Ho decided to write to his fans and share the five best moments from his recent concert in Seoul titled “Everything” that he personally picked.

Hello~ I’m actor Lee Min Ho. How have you been? It seems like it has been a while since I said hi to you guys at the end of the year acting awards in 2013. I am on a special project after finishing the drama “The Heirs,” which is to write to you and share the five best moments from the concert that took place on January 18. On January 18, a lot of you guys joined me in the Olympic hall in Bang Yi Dong, Seoul, for my global tour concert “My Everything” encore. Albeit the cold weather, about 5,000 fans joined me from Japan, China, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Turkey, in addition to from Korea. Thank you guys so much.

1. Singing Lee Min Ho
The most memorable scene in my opinion is when I sang in front of the fans. I got so nervous before getting on stage. But I started feeling fine when I got on stage. I started off with the concert’s title song, “Everything,” and sang the soundtrack of “The Heirs.”

2. Selfie of Lee Min Ho blowing raspberry
I prepared the “Min Ho’s Marble” episode in the concert to better communicate with the fans. I also remember talking about everyday life with the fans. Everybody laughed when I said I like coffee latte and I am good at cooking ramen. And the host of the concert, Hong In Kyoo, asked me to show him my tongue. And I was able to pass it by telling him that I will post a selfie of my blowing raspberry.

3. Dancing Lee Min Ho
I also showed off my dancing skills, which was what the fans were the most excited about I think. I danced a lot of wave dances, to the songs such as “Love Motion” and “My Little Princess.”
I also saw you guys dancing. You guys were dancing very well! I really enjoyed dancing together.

4. Flirting Lee Min Ho
There was an episode in the concert called “Find Lee Min Ho’s Best Female Type,” where I was looking for the best woman of my life among the fans. Remember my best type? Long straight hair, white outfits, high heel, with ticket stubs of movies she watched in the past week. There was one person who was close to my best type among the fans. I gifted her a necklace on stage, and gave her a back hug.

5. Communicating with fans
My most favorite thing about this tour was being able to communicate with the fans. I installed a small separate stage in the middle of the stage that rotated 360 degrees to better approach the fans. I was able to say hi to fans, holding their hands. And I was very delighted to see fans greeting me with various signs. It made my heart warm.

This is the end of the best moments of “My Everything” tour. Did you enjoy? I hope those of you who was at the concert were reminded of the good memories, and those of you who did not make it to the concert were able to enjoy it vicariously through the pictures. I plan to film a movie called “Kang Nam Blues.” You will be able to see Lee Min Ho who is completely different from before in the movie. Please wait until then~



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